WPMS proudly providing education and care.   Join the nursery of happy, curious learners….

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WPMS Montessori is an amazing nursery school in Southfields with lots of heart! It is a wonderful and loving place for children to be.
We offer an exceptional Montessori education to children between the ages of two and five years.
We are committed to every child. All children receive from us the care and attention that they need to learn and develop.
We love being part of the Southfields community and giving your children the best start.

Our Staff

We have a dedicated and experienced team that are here for you and your children.
We nurture and support the children using authentic Montessori practice in our small scale, nurturing setting.
In this loving environment the children learn and play in a beautifully crafted space, inside and out.

Every day is different and the children learn and thrive.

Partnership with parents

You are the most important teacher your child will ever have. We work very hard to build strong relationships with all our families.
We want what you want and that is to do the very best by your child. Together we make a difference.

We love working with your children and supporting them to be the successful, happy adults of the future.

Why we care…

Because we know how important a child’s early years are.  Because we want to help at the beginning.  Because we want to make a difference for every child who attends our nurseries. Because together we can make a difference…

Our vision at WPMS is

“I  can’t express enough how much Wilbur loves WPMS and you all. Many thanks.”

~ Luke


The Montessori approach sets children on a journey for life. We achieve this by being completely child centred in everything we do. Our beautiful nursery spaces are designed and organised so children can be independent and lead their own learning. They make choices about the resources they want to use, whether to be inside or outside and when to stop for a snack. Through observation, considered and sensitive adults decide when it is best to teach a new skill and when it is best to stand back. Montessori teachers never dominate the learning environment and as a result, children are continuously engaged and motivated to follow their interests. We allow children the time and space to become absorbed in their own learning

Each classroom is divided into areas. Practical life gives the children the opportunity to practice the skills of everyday life and helps them to develop concentration and develop co-ordination of mind and body. The sensorial materials supports children to use their senses to learn. Through these materials they are encouraged to order and classify the physical properties of the world they live in. The materials for mathematics help the children to learn and really understand mathematical concepts using concrete materials.  Children are prepared to write and read from the minute they come into the class through a series of activities that gradually build all the individual skills required so that when they are ready it is just a natural progression. Geography, history, biology, botany, zoology, art, Sport, Drama and Music are covered with a hands-on approach based on the fact that children learn most effectively from their own experiences.

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General Information

The General Information pages cover term dates, diary dates, our themes and Ofsted info.


We offer a variety of fee options, related to the number of sessions you book. Click here for more info.


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We’re proud to be associated with

We are proud members of the National Day Nurseries Association.

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