A day at WPMS

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A typical session at Wimbledon Park Montessori School

A daily routine gives children a sense of security. This is why we ensure each day is properly structured while leaving enough time for spontaneous activities.

The daily routine at a glance

Mummy and I walk to School every morning.  On the way we see lots of the other children in my class with their Mummies and Daddies.  We all wait in the playground for the doors to be opened at 9 o’clock.  All the Mummies and Daddies are busy talking, and we are all running around playing.

9am    Miss Mari opens the door and welcomes us all in.  We hang up our coats on our own special peg, and then fetch a piece of equipment from the shelves and start working.  I choose a matching and pairing exercise with models of insects from the Cultural shelf.  We are investigating Mini-beasts this term through our theme.

9.15    We all sit at our tables and listen to Miss Moushmi as she takes the register.  We answer our names as they are called out.

9.30    Luckily the weather is nice today, so Miss Eva and one of the students studying at the School to be a teacher take four of us to the park at the end of the road to look for mini-beasts.  I come here at the weekends with Mummy and Daddy as well, but it’s a lot of fun to be here with my School friends.  We find some ants and a beetle, but leave them in the park with their families.


10am    Back from the park.  We hang up our coats and sit down again with a different piece of equipment from the shelves.  Miss Mari is helping me with my numbers.  I trace the number with my finger.  It is made of sand-paper and is a bit scratchy.  It feels funny, but helps me remember the shape of the number.  She says I am doing very well.

10.50    We tidy up and get together for our Circle time. I help Miss Mari arrange all the chairs in to a circle. We did a project on shapes last term, so now I know why the teachers call it circle time – it is because of the shape we arrange the chairs in.  Miss Mari always starts with the letter of the week.  I love this as the songs each week are so funny. This week we are learning the letter K.  “King kicked a kettle – k – k – k”.  We all sing as loud as we can.

11am    We all come together for a snack.  I wash my hands. I go and find my name at the table and sit with my hands on my knees waiting for Zoë to give out the cups of water or milk. Each of us brings in a piece of fruit every day.  This is prepared by one of us with the help of one of the teachers, and then shared amongst us.  This is my favourite job (each day five of us are allowed to do a job from the Jobs Board), as I often sneakily eat a piece of fruit before the other children.  We are allowed to sit next to our friends and chat as we eat our snack.  If it is someone’s birthday, we share a birthday platter .  This is a real treat.

11.20    After Olivia has collected all the plates, I put my milk cup in the tray and go to wash my hands.  I try and be really quick as I would love to be the leader today.  I am the first back to Miss Shane, so she asks all the other children to line up behind me with their coats on. We go out into the playground.  It has lovely bright shapes and a wigman.  It is quite windy now, so I hold on tightly to the parachute as we lift it up high in the air, and then back down low.  The wind is blowing my hair.

11.40    We all come back inside after break time.  We have been running around and playing on the bikes as well, so I’m quite tired.  I take my coat off and hang it back on my peg.  I fetch a cup of water from the water fountain, and sit at my table.

Miss Humera asks us all to fetch an apron and put it on.  We must be about to get messy, I love this part.  Miss Eva gives us all paint brush and some paint – we are going to paint our bumble bees black and yellow.  It is quite tricky as the toilet roll it is made from keeps rolling around. I now have yellow paint on my fingers, but not to worry. I can wash them when I am finished.  Charlie and Luke also have yellow fingers like me.  Off to the bathroom we go and use lots of soap to wash off the yellow paint.

12noon    When we have all cleaned up we sit together for a song or a story, and finish just in time for Mummy to collect me.  She is outside, and I can see her through the gap in the blinds.  I am so excited to see her – please can I go home NOW!

12.15    Miss Humera opens the door and calls our names one-by-one.  We walk to the door and shake hands with Miss Eva and Miss Mari, and say Good-bye.  I’ve had a lovely time, and can’t wait until tomorrow.  I wonder what we will be doing?

Our Weekly Timetable

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