Summer Term Themes 2020

We ask you as parents and carers to pop in and become involved in our themes. If you have any artefacts or books please feel free to bring them in or come in and read a story to the class, please see your class teacher for dates.

We start the WPMS term off with a week talking about superheroes. As we have all seen and heard how lots about frontline workers in our community being Superheroes helping others while we are away from WPMS.
Lots of children love superheroes. There is something so powerful about superheroes. It doesn’t really matter if you have a favourite or not, the idea of pretending to have superpowers is attractive to children of all ages, even adults. Helping children to find their own positive superheroes and talking about their attributes can be a wonderful starting point. True superheroes are the people who are courageous and do things to help others. Superhero play is inevitable and can provide a valuable opportunity for young children to learn about helping others.

Is it not amazing to see that anywhere we look we can find shapes in different colours and in different sizes? Just check your kitchen and you will find that the chopping board that mummy uses is rectangular or circular, and what about your room? Your dollhouse for example, can you see the little windows that are shaped like squares? Go also outside and look at your own house or you scooter and your bicycle. Can you help us find more shapes or maybe make your own project using 2D and 3D shapes? Are you ready for the challenge?

04/05/2020 UNDER THE SEA
We will be combining two well-known books “Commotion in the Ocean” and “The Rainbow fish” with our Under the Sea theme. The children will have the chance to explore and recreate many of the creatures we encounter in these stories. Learn parts of the fish, counting, learn rhymes and lots of crafts.

11/05/2020 KANDINSKY ART
This week we are introducing the children to the amazing Russian artist, Wassily Kandinsky. He was not only one of the great Master of Modern Art but also and outstanding representative of pure abstract painting that dominated the early 20th century.
Kandinsky was born in Moscow. He grew up in the Russian city of Odessa where he enjoyed music and learned to play the piano and the cello. He loved the colours of nature from an early age and both music and colours have had a huge impact on his art. He was inspired by the works of Claude Monet as well as composers and philosophers. In the beginning he painted mostly landscapes then in the early 19oo’s he changed his view and decided that painting did not need a particular subject, but that shapes and colours alone could be art. His works become known as Abstract Art and he became the founder of this new type of art.

18/05/2020 WATER
Can you guess how old water is? Water itself has been around pretty much as long as the earth has! When the Brontosaurus walked through lakes feeding on plants, the water we know was part of those lakes. When kings and princesses, knights and squires took a drink from their wells, the water we know was part of those wells. BUT the earth has a limited amount of water. That water keeps going around and around and around and around and (well, you get the idea) in what we call the “Water Cycle”. This week we will learn more about The Water Cycle; we are going to talk about where we can see water, where do we use water, what do we need water for, and much more.


01/06/2020 PIRATES
All hands Ahoy!
Who were the pirates? Daring figures who swooped on treasure ships and returned home with golden cargoes? Sea thieves who showed no mercy for their victims. Or bold adventurers who paid for travel by theft at sea? Pirates were all of these. For centuries, they sailed across the seas and oceans of the world. They had a special flag to distinguish them from other ships, it’s called the Jolly Roger.
Do you know any famous pirates? What would be your pirate name? We heard of a tale that a well-known pirate by the name of Blackbeard might have hidden his treasure at our school. Who’s up for a treasure hunt? Shiver me timbers!

Scooting is a fun, healthy and active way to get around and has become increasingly popular with children. It helps children develop basic road safety awareness, as well as skills which are essential for cycling such as balancing, steering and stopping. Children love to scoot but are not always aware of basic safety rules. This week we well have small trips to the park encouraging responsible scooting and highlighting the ground rules.

15/06/2020 GARDENING
These garden related fun activities provide opportunities for children to learn, while encouraging love for nature and the environment.
The garden is a wonderful place to study. The most obvious residents are plants, but gardens are home to many other living creatures, including worms, and small animals (insects, birds and much more).

22/06/2020 BEES
This week we will learn about Bees. We will explore its life cycle in nature table and learn some of the facts too, i.e. Bees all works together, and they work hard to make honey for themselves and for us and they dance to communicate. During circle time we will read books related to Bees and we will taste the honey and feel its texture too.

29/06/2020 – 06/07/2020 CIRCUS
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the Circus is coming at your house with the help of Wimbledon Park Montessori School and is staying open for a week. We are going to have a marvellous time with clowns, jugglers and performers. We can make our own costumes and learn how to do their tricks. The children will learn how to walk on straight line, to do roly-polies and juggling, and also how to jump in and through hula-hoops.

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