Autumn Term Themes 2021

We ask you as parents and carers to pop in and become involved in our themes. If you have any artefacts or books please feel free to bring them in or come in and read a story to the class, please see your class teacher for dates.

08/09/2021        Introduction to Montessori Classroom

Welcome back everyone, and an especially big welcome to all our newcomers.  We will begin our first week back at school learning about the ground rules of the Montessori classroom, and the day-to-day routine of our school, morning, or afternoon. The children will have a chance to settle into their routine and look around the classroom observing the Montessori equipment.


13/09/2021        Friendships/ Belonging

Let’s learn everyone’s names in our class.  You can be a friend to you?  We are all part of the WPMS family. We will talk about “Kind Hands” and sharing.


20/09/2021        Nursery Rhymes

From their earliest stages, babies respond to music and rhythm. They can be comforted by the beat of their mother’s heart and rhymes that include touch, such as ‘This Little Piggy’, delight and engage their senses. As they grow older, children’s innate pleasure in the rhythm, rhyme and repetition of poetry is an essential influence in developing imagery and imagination, but equally, these factors also form the foundations to understanding patterns in language, mathematics, and music. This week we are going to explore the wonderful world of nursery rhymes. We will sing about our feelings; we will rhyme about letters and numbers and last but not least we will explore the world around us. Children will have the opportunity to perform the poems and songs we learn about this week, and they also have chances to create their own little songs or poems.


27/09/2021        Tuff Spot play

We are going to have some fun with our new friends.  The tuff spots we use at school are a gathering hub of socialising and language enrichment.  Each day the tuff spot will change in both classes, giving the children the opportunity to play using, water, magnets, colours, numbers, letters and a whole lot more, watch our social media sites to see all the photos.


04/10/2021        Art – Louise Nevelson        

We are big fans of the American sculptor Louise Nevelson. This week we will introduce the children to her unique art form, and of course the children will be able to create their very own Louise Nevelson inspired sculpture. She is well known for assembling objects that other people have thrown out and grouping them together to form a new creation. That sounds like a lot of fun! 


11/10/2021        Pirates

All hands Ahoy!

Who were the pirates? Daring figures who swooped on treasure ships and returned home with golden cargoes? Sea thieves who showed no mercy for their victims. Or bold adventurers who paid for travel by theft at sea? Pirates were all of these. For centuries, they sailed across the seas and oceans of the world. They had a special flag to distinguish them from other ships, it’s called the Jolly Roger.  Do you know any famous pirates? What would be your pirate’s name? We heard of a tale that a well-known pirate by the name of Blackbeard might have hidden his treasure at our school. Who’s up for a treasure hunt? Shiver me timbers!

Dress up Pirate Day on Wednesday 13 October.


01/11/2021 – 08/11/2021            Autumn

Autumn is not only a lovely time of year with crunchy, colourful leaves and cooler weather, but it is also a great time to explore this beautiful season! When you think of autumn, you probably think of cooler weather, going back to school, Halloween and falling leaves, but what else do you know about the season?  You may be surprised to learn some amazing facts about autumn leaves. Leaves require sunlight, water, chlorophyll and carbon dioxide to make food for themselves. Chlorophyll is what makes leaves green. Once the leaves have turned brown, they are dead and no longer receive any nutrients. Cooler weather and less daylight signal some birds to migrate south to warmer climates for the winter to avoid the cold weather. Animals that hibernate such as bears prepare for Winter by eating more to put on body fat to make it through the Winter.  Other animals will start to grow thicker coats (hair/fur) to keep them warm during the colder weather. A lot of fun activities take place during the autumn season. These activities will differ depending on what region you live in.  Some people harvest foods include a variety of apples and make apple pie, and other fruit pies. We can decorate some pumpkins and celebrate Halloween at this time of the year. 


15/11/2021        Road Safety Week   

This week is National Road Safety Week for all schools.  The children will learn about road safety and take a trip down the road to complete our traffic survey.  Crossing the road safely is so important for young children; we will need some parents to help us walk down the road.  Please let your class teachers know if you can join us.  Thank you in advance for your help.


22/11/2021        Thanksgiving and Hanukah

It is very important for the children to have knowledge and understanding of the world around them, and an understanding of cultures & festivals in other countries. We cover this area in our Montessori classroom through the cultural activities. This week the children will learn about the Jewish festival of Hanukah and the American celebration of Thanksgiving. They will have the opportunity to create crafts that are seen during these festivals.


29/11/2021        Rhymes within books: – Dr Seuss: The Cat in the Hat & Green Eggs and Ham

‘The Cat in the Hat’ is a story with a real page-turning plot, a vibrant central character and great ending!

This masterpiece by Dr Seuss is deliberately using a strictly limited vocabulary of short, easily recognisable words. Young children repeat the rhymes and gradually the words on the pages start to become recognisable!

Green Eggs and Ham’ is another book specifically designed to work in the same way. We will have a lot of fun with these books. Get ready for our ‘Mixed up Tuesday’, ‘Silly Sock Wednesday’, Funny Food Thursday’ and finally ‘Top Hat Friday’.


06/12/2021        Christmas    

There’s something special about Christmas and kids look forward to this festival the most. And why shouldn’t they? After all, they get gifts from Santa Claus. But there’s more to Christmas than gifts and decorating the house. Among all the festivals in the world, Christmas is very popular and is celebrated by billions of people around the world. We will look at what Christmas is, when and why we are celebrating it. What does it mean, what it represents? The children will learn about the Christmas traditions and their origin. We will also look at different food that is served during the Christmas period such as minced pies and turkey with stuffing.  But how did Santa Claus come into existence? The character of Santa Claus is based on St. Nicholas. As per a legend, St. Nicholas was a Christian bishop who provided for the poor and needy. He also loved children and enjoyed giving gifts to them secretly. As his story spread, he was called Sinterklaas in Dutch, which later became Santa Claus. The origin or the use of Christmas trees goes way back to ancient Egyptians and Romans. They used evergreen trees like fir or pine trees, wreaths, and garlands. And the use of modern Christmas trees started in Germany in the 16th century. Instead of the glitzy decorations that we see on them today, they were decorated with fruits and nuts. There is so much more to explore about Christmas, let’s get on this adventure!

We ask you as parents and carers to pop in and become involved in our themes. If you have any artefacts or books please feel free to bring them in or come in and read a story to the class, please see your class teacher for dates.
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