Autumn Term Themes 2023

We ask you as parents and carers to pop in and become involved in our themes. If you have any artefacts or books please feel free to bring them in or come in and read a story to the class, please see your class teacher for dates.

11/09/2023  Introduction to Montessori Classroom

Welcome back everyone, and an especially big welcome to all our newcomers.  We will begin our first week back at school learning about the ground rules of the Montessori classroom, and the day-to-day routine of our school, morning, or afternoon. The children will have a chance to settle into their routine and look around the classroom observing the Montessori equipment.


18/09/2032    Finger Gym

This week we will focus on refining fine motor skills under our theme of FINGER GYM. Children will engage in activities such as painting, using fingers or pipettes. There will also be sessions on finger rhymes and telling stories using finger puppets aimed at furthering children’s literacy skills alongside their fine motor skills.


25/09/2023    WHERE DO THINGS BELONG…..

Where does the toaster belong? Where might one find a toothbrush? Which room is likely to have a chest of drawers? 

With the help of this theme, we wish to give the children the vocabulary for things they find in their home. We will talk about objects found in the kitchen, bedroom, living room, and bathroom.

Young children enjoy real life experiences and real life activities; things they can relate to. Classifying their immediate environment helps children increase their vocabulary. They benefit by receiving precise names and terminology for the objects they see around themselves. It gives them a chance to engage in conversations about things they have seen at home. 

To have some fun, we will also mix our household items up and see if the children can put them back in their respective rooms.


02/10/2023 – 09/10/2023 DINOSAURS/HABIT/SIZE

This week we will be exploring the extraordinary history of dinosaurs. Dinosaurs dominated the land for over 160 million years, making them one of the most successful groups of animals ever. Did you know that the name dinosaur translates as ‘terrible or wondrous lizards’? This week’s art of course will be some dinosaur art using handprints. Are you ready for an excavation, or for an archaeological dig? Let’s use bones and fossils and bury them in a sand tray! We will be also learning some amazing new words and phrases that you might never have heard before like palaeontologist, reptile, Jurassic Period …


31/10/2023 -06/11/2023      Autumn festival/ HARVEST/KANDINSKY

Autumn means that we will get to experience the seasonal and weather changes. It is a time to cherish the earth’s last beautiful display for the year. The leaves changing, the smell of cinnamon and apples, and the winding down from the busyness of summer. Autumn is a perfect overview of what the children will be experiencing soon with the cooler weather. Autumn books, crafts, Autumn songs, and Autumn science will be at our nursery in abundance!

This week we will all be little farmers and will be growing our own vegetables and crops! We will be doing some experiments to see how vegetables regrow with water! Using some cut tops of carrots, heads of lettuce, celery, fennel and garlic cloves. Roots will grow in a few days and small shoots will grow shortly after! Let’s harvest them when they are fully grown! We will make our own vegetable salad and soup using a fresh variety of vegetables. We also be talking about what British farmers do. Farming is an important occupation because everyone needs foods. Farms produce all kind of plants and animals. There are many types of farming in Britain. Have your gardening gloves on and get ready for the week!


13/11/2023    DIWALI

Festivals are a time to live, love, celebrate and enjoy with family and friends. This week we will be learning about the festival of lights – Diwali the important Hindu festival. It symbolizes the victory of light over darkness celebrated by many around the world. Diwali means ‘row of lights’ in Sanskrit. During this time people decorate their home with beautiful patterns made using colourful powders and flowers called Rangoli, lights and oil lamps (Diyas), watch fireworks, enjoy delicious food and exchange gifts. We will be exploring different culture, traditional dress, and the language of India. We will be creating fireworks artwork using different colour paints.


20/11/2023    Road Safety Week/TRANSPORT      

This week is National Road Safety Week for all schools.  The children will learn about road safety and take a trip down the road to complete our traffic survey.  Crossing the road safely is so important for young children; we will need some parents to help us walk down the road.  Please let your class teachers know if you can join us.  Thank you in advance for your help.


27/11/2023    Our Southfields Community         

This week is all about the special people that are around us and are helping us every day.  Can you name them? What do they do? How do they help us?  Who is the person standing next to the road with the big STOP sign telling us when it is time to cross the road?  Who do we go to if our car is broken?  So many people doing so many different jobs making sure we can be safe, happy, and well every day.


04/12/2023    Christmas

HO, HO, HO, Merry Christmas… It’s that time of year again when Father Christmas comes with special presents for good little boys and girls but let us not forget the meaning behind Christmas. This week we will be a very exciting week for the children. We will be singing our wonderful Christmas carols.  We will have some fun with many different Christmas inspired activities.  We will be talking about the traditions of Christmas in our Country, and around the world, particularly the Christian beliefs. If any parents would like to come in and share their views of Christmas, you will be most welcome.


We ask you as parents and carers to pop in and become involved in our themes. If you have any artefacts or books please feel free to bring them in or come in and read a story to the class, please see your class teacher for dates.
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