Summer Term Themes 2019

Welcome back Everyone. We will begin our first week back at school with a quick reminder of our ground rules within the Montessori classroom. The children, old and new, will have a chance to settle back into their routines & look around the classroom observing our display boards – hopefully they will guess our new themes for this term. We will be getting ready for GREEN THE GRID, planting outside our school around our tree.

29/04/2019    JACKSON POLLOCK
This week we are taking the children on an exciting journey to explore the beautiful world of the famous American artist, Jackson Pollack.
Did you know that his unique painting style has changed the world of painting forever? Jackson Pollack was the leading force behind the abstract expressionist movement in the art world. Even his choice of paint was different compared to other artists. He used household paint and put the canvas on the floor while he poured and splashed the paint onto it. His extraordinary style was also called ‘action painting’ – do you wonder why? Let us take the children to explore his world and create their own ‘drip technique ‘ art work!

06/05/2019    LANGUAGES
Get ready to join our journey across different Lands! During this week we are going to immerse ourselves in different countries to learn new LANGUAGES!! We will learn how to say and write the same word in different languages such as Romanian, French, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Hungarian, Polish etc. We will learn about different alphabets and ways of reading while listening to stories and music. We will be exploring books in different languages and practice different pronunciations. Prepare your listening ears for this joyful experience!

13/05/2019    RAINBOWS
This week we welcome colour into our school with a RAINBOW theme. We will be learning how rainbows are formed, their shape, and what colours we see in a rainbow. Rainbows are one of the most magical natural phenomena that form in the sky. It is an arc of colour that can be seen when the sun shines through falling rain.
We will do lots of interesting fun filled activities mixing colours to make a new colour. It will be a fun activity to explore some different ways of creating rainbows and have a very colourful week at school. We usually have to wait to see a rainbow, but we will create one using a prism, CD disc, or water hose.

All the children will make a unique, extra special piece of artwork, which will be transformed into professionally printed greeting cards and products for you as parents to buy. Every child will submit a design and then receives a free wrapped greeting card, hand packed with a coloured envelope, enhancing their design.

20/05/2019    DENTAL HEALTH
Teaching the children that early dental care is important for proper hygiene. Helping our children to understand the importance of oral hygiene can make them realise why this dental care is so important and help them to take an active role in caring for their teeth. We will use fun activities to make brushing, flossing and visiting the dentist appealing. During this week we will do lots of activities to ignite our children’s interest in keeping their teeth healthy. We will be engaging the children in role-play activities, experiments, practicing brushing the false teeth, and doing crafts related to the theme.


03/06/2019    RECYCLING
…but what does this word mean? Recycling is the process of turning used waste and materials into new products. This prevents potentially useful materials from being wasted as well as reducing energy use and pollution. Recycling is a part of the waste disposal hierarchy – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. A wide variety of different materials can be recycled, including paper, plastic, glass, metal, textiles and electronic equipment. So, let’s have fun and use our own imagination to create something new out of old materials. Maybe a laptop from a cereal box or a car from the random lids, bottles and toilet rolls.

10/06/2019    FAMILY TREE
We will be looking at The English Oak tree in Wimbledon Park which began its life in 1780. As this is the symbol for family trees, we will be looking at our own family trees. Please could we ask for a photo of each person in your family tree, to be brought into school in a named envelope and given to your class teacher to create your Family tree. These will be displayed and then all sent home, so the photos will be returned although attached to the paper family tree.

17/06/2019 & 24/06/2019    IMPORTANCE OF THE SUN
We will be learning about the Sun for two weeks. The Sun makes our world a perfect place to live providing warmth and sunlight for plants, animals and people. Did you know that our Sun is the closest star to our planet Earth? The Sun is the centre of our Solar System. Plants need light to be able to grow, they cannot survive without it. We will be doing an experiment to show that plants need sunlight.
We will get inspired by Van Gogh and will paint our sunflowers. You can also experience growing your own gorgeous sunflower plant!
Week two: Sun related activities and the Moon
Hopefully we will be enjoying a sunny week and will be able to do lots of fun Sun related outdoor activities. Drawing with light and shadow is such a fun activity! We will be drawing the outlines of the shadows on a paper. Did you know that light travels in a straight line until it hits an object? We also will be learning some interesting facts about the Moon. The moon doesn’t emit any light like the Sun. Have you ever heard about phases of the moon like waxing crescent, waxing gibbous…? We will be thinking hard and find opposites of light, small, etc…

01/07/2019    FRUITS
This week we will be exploring the wonderful world of fruits. The children will experience lots of activities and games to help them learn more about the healthy foods. The children will get to taste different kinds of fruits and find out how they grow. We always encourage our children to get involved in preparing the snack, but this week we will encourage more to touch the fruit, feel the texture of its peel, and name the colours they see. While cutting large fruits in front of them and let them observe what’s inside. They will use their senses to feel the textures of the fruits and try to describe what they feel.

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