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All our staff have a wealth of experience in working within the Early Years environment.

The School is divided into two classrooms, each room with two dedicated Teachers and a dedicated Teaching Assistant. This allows the staff to really understand your child’s strengths and development needs, as well as ensuring the children feel safe and comfortable within a consistent environment.

Find out more about our staff.

Clare Collins (Miss Clare)

Principal of Wimbledon Park Montessori School

Joined Wimbledon Park Montessori School: 1992

Clare started her Early Years Teaching career at Wimbledon Park Montessori School in 1992, and took over its ownership in 2000.  Clare has put in place an excellent team of highly experienced, motivated and passionate staff who teach your children on a daily basis.  Clare has two children of her own, who both attended the nursery, and stays fully involved with the running of the nursery.  She attends the school during the week on a regular basis to meet the parents and stay abreast of the children’s development.

Miss Magda, Head Teacher

Joined Wimbledon Park Montessori School in: 2015

Miss Magda was born in Poland. She moved to London over 15 years ago, is married and has two offspring of her own.

“I have been working with children for over 18 years and as an early years teacher since 2009. I worked as a deputy head at another well established nursery in London and taught children age 3-4’s preparing them for “Big school”. I also know British Sign Language which I love to use helping and guiding children if English is their additional language or if they are just learning to talk and communicate with friends and teachers.

Around children you can never be bored, something new every day. To see the children grow not only physically, but to be a part of their nursery journey that prepares them emotionally, educationally and socially for the next big step in their lives has been very rewarding as a nursery teacher, and I look forward to my time at WPMS.”

Miss Mari,  Senior Montessori Teacher

Joined WPMS in September 2016

Miss Mari is from Romania, where she did a Bachelor Degree in Social Work, she worked as a youth worker for two years in her home town. In 2011, she decided to move to London as an au-pair. Soon after she moved here, she found out about the Montessori education and she was eager to study more about it and she completed the Montessori diploma a few years after. She is really passionate to deliver a very good education by combining the EYFS guidance and the Montessori philosophy for each individual child to reach their full potential.

Miss Mari believes that education is way of life and she likes to learn new things on a daily basis. At the moment she is learning to speak Spanish. She lives here with her husband and both of them are professional scuba divers, and they love aquatic life. They look forward to where their diving passions will take them this year.

Miss Noemi, Montessori Teacher

Joined Wimbledon Park Montessori in 2012

I am from Hungary. Before coming to live in London I lived in Canada for 4 years. My passion to work with children started there while I was looking after a lovely little girl. I believe that every child is unique and deserves to get the best start in their education as early as nursery to reach their best potential in life. I have been a nanny for 5 years before I joining the great team at Wimbledon Park Montessori as a teaching assistant in 2012. Since then I had 2 boys of my own. During my maternity leave I completed the Montessori teacher training course and became a teacher at the nursery. My work became a passion and I enjoy helping all the children with their everyday battle to gain independence and be ready for “big” school.

In my free time (if I have any ), I love reading (huge Harry Potter fan) and riding my motorcycle.

Miss Eva, Teacher

Joined Wimbledon Park Montessori School in: 2011

Miss Eva is a qualified Primary School Teacher who joined the Wimbledon Park Montessori School in 2011. She is passionate about the Montessori philosophy of education and believes that a happy child supported by talented, experienced teachers will achieve huge success. She feels that working with and supporting children to discover their inner creativity and uniqueness is one of the most amazing experiences possible. Moving to and living in London since 2011 has been an exciting experience for her, and she enjoys exploring the diverse city and cycling through its beautiful parks.

Miss Sabina, Assistant Teacher

Joined WPMS in January 2017

I have been working in Montessori School back home in Nepal and have continued since I moved to London in 2011. I adore kids and they inspire me. The joy of working around children is exciting. I am also learning and building up what I know when I am teaching them. Working in multicultural London in a new educational system has been amazing journey till now.

I am grateful to be a member of WPMS team, and look forward for another wonderful time ahead.

Miss Laura, Assistant Teacher

Joined WPMS in 2013

I moved to England in 1998 and I have a family of three boys and a daughter. I first joined WPMS in 2013 while I studied for my Level 3 Diploma in Childcare. During that time in Montessori I watched children freely explore their interest and, think of new way to do things in a enriching and stimulating environment.

I enjoy cooking and creative activities such as painting with my children and taking long walks. I also enjoy reading to the children and making my own stories. In 2009 my son and I wrote and illustrated a story that was published in a book called ‘Short Stories and Long Tales’.

I love working with children and really enjoy progress they make. There is nothing more special than spending time with children and helping them learn as they have fun and see them leave with a happy smile.


Miss Ania, Teacher

Ania graduated from an English Teaching College in Warsaw and worked as an English teacher in Poland. Anna arrived to UK in 1999. She loves and enjoys working with youngsters and did Early Years Care and Education level 3 in London in order to be able to work with young children in a nursery. Her greatest love are her two boys for whom she took a career break during which she developed her greatest passion, which is photography. She loves photographing nature as well as taking portraits of her family and friends. She also photographs events like birthday parties, First Communions, etc.


Miss Jo, Assistant Teacher
I started my career in childcare at the age of 18, in and around Wimbledon where I grew up, after completing a CACHE Level 3 certificate in childminding practice. My first job as a Nanny lasted 4 great years.

In 2003, I got married and started another Nanny position looking after 2 boys in Wimbledon village. The boys attended WPMS. This is when I first met Miss Clare and became familiar with the nursery setting.
This job lasted 6 fun filled years.

Fast forward 3 children, a home and lots of pets, Im back in the friendly environment of WPMS. Only this time I have the pleasure of working here, with a fantastic team of ladies.

I am passionate about helping children learn and grow into amazing little people. I also have a keen interest in special educational needs and will be studying a range of SEN courses over the next few months.

I am also very interested in animals, from mini beasts to mega beasts , furred, feathered, scaly or slimy. I love them all.

Miss Zaneta (attends every two weeks)

Support Teacher

Joined Wimbledon Park Montessori School: 2004

Miss Zaneta was born and raised in Slovakia, and moved to London in 1997 and began her career in Early Years education. During this time she completed her Montessori diploma and BA Honours in Early Years Teaching at Kingston University. She joined the WPMS team in 2004 and haven’t looked back since. It is the heady mix of curiosity, imagination and enthusiasm of the children that makes her job so rewarding. As in every nursery sometimes there are tantrums and tears, but then the children arrive and all is well! She is particularly struck by children’s creative energy and their amazing trait of unconditional kindness. She lives with her partner who is the happy recipient of all her amusing School stories. She is interested in people, nature and travelling and her next big adventure will be Brazil!

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